Exciting Times Ahead!

At this time of year, here in Ontario, children are getting ready to start their school year. They will possibly be meeting new teachers, going to new schools, making new friends, taking new classes, learning new skills, and, well, there really isn’t an end to the possibilities!

For me, I, too, seem to be at the beginning of a new year, as my September is filled with a variety of new projects. The following are some of my new ventures:

~ I am co-facilitating a “Wise Woman’s Circle” in our community. I am really excited about this. Not only will I be facilitating self-awareness and empowerment discussions but I will also be learning from a group of ladies, learning from their wisdom, from their experiences. I know that these Circles are going to be very powerful events.

~ the “WoW: Empowerment Series” will be available online within the next month. The program is finished and ready to go and I’ve listened to the audio files twice now, since completion, and each time I have had new aha moments and been inspired.

~ the Gatherings continue to take place here in The Cabin as well as at the Welkin Centre. I have a feeling that something wonderful is going to take place at these Gatherings over the next few months.

~ the 2nd Annual Li’l Creek Bluegrass Jamboree is around the corner and that will be a wonderful afternoon of music and socializing.

~ there are new things happening with the LumberJocks.com / GardenTenders.com / HomeRefurbers.com sites, but I’ll have to leave you wondering about that one. Announcements will be made within a couple of weeks, I hope. (For those of you who don’t know, I am the Community Manager for these online communities. If you are a woodworker, a gardener, or a home refurbisher (for fun or profit) be sure to check out our sites.

~ and last but not least is our big family get-together in December. Our entire family will be home for Christmas. I think that the last time this happened was for my Mom’s 80th birthday in 2007.. no, not everyone was able to attend that. So, I can’t remember when the last time was! This is going to be a wonderful year.

New Beginnings – new possibilities, new inspirations, new Wisdoms. Life is good!

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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When you add one thing to another you get double the stuff. When you mix two ingredients in cooking, you get double the taste experience. When you put two Spiritual Seekers together you get double the insight and double the positive energy.

Regardless of whether or not you think of yourself as a Spiritual Seeker, you must have felt the power of bringing two like-minded people together. As mankind struggles to regain a synchronicity with nature in order to undo the damage we have done to the earth as well as to reach our next level of development and enlightenment, it is important that we each unite our positive intentions and energies in order to strengthen them and to have the most impact on our journey.

Of course, the more people you have in one room the more powerful the effect will be but even a 1:1 conversation with someone has a huge impact. Not only do these two people become inspired by being in each others’ presence and by the Wisdom shared but they each go out into their own little worlds and share this new energy even if it is only through the glowing smiles that adorn their faces.

The more Gatherings that take place around the world the faster our healing will take place. Imagine a single drum beating and then a second adds to the rhythm. Wrapping around the world like a blanket, the impact of the drums becomes a power that one can only imagine. We are these drums echoing the rhythm of Mother Earth.

Are you attending or hosting a Gathering this month?

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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(See my Gatherings Webpage for upcoming events)

Breaking Through The Bubble

When working with clients who are struggling with turmoils in their lives and/or emotional upheavals, I use the analogy of a balloon to help them through their current challenges.

Picture yourself in a balloon, all is well – until you want to break free. To get to that outside world, to the possibilities that lie outside the closed space, you have to get through the balloon’s outer surface. You can’t just step through, you have to push and twist and shove. You will probably sweat a little, have some not-so-nice words popping into your head and even, perhaps, off your tongue, but you struggle through, because you know that on the other side there is a great freedom.

This struggle is what we experience when we are in the process of changing our lives, breaking free of our past and walking into the opportunities of the future.

Emotional chaos and roadblocks along your path are just notices from the Universe that it is time to move onto the next step of your journey. It is telling you that the current (or past) way of life isn’t good enough any longer. You have learned those lessons, grown as much as you can from that lifestyle. Now it is time for new lessons, new possibilities – a new “you”.

Are you currently struggling to break through a balloon? Oh how exciting!! I wonder what lies on the other side, for you?

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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New Website

I have a new website!

Not much to say other than: check it out.
“The Journey Within at the Gathering Place”

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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A little DASH of this …

I was going through a box of stuff and found some notes from parenting programs that I used to facilitate.

I like to use acronyms as part of my tool kit because they help me and others remember concepts that we talk about. In the pile of stuff I found a page describing “DASH” as one of the tools to help raise healthy children.

It is a good acronym and I’ll be using it with my clients in the future, I am sure, if the need arises.
* D … do unto others. That’s an easy one. I think everyone knows that phrase, although we don’t always remember to treat others as we would want to be treated.

*A … acknowledge others. Another easy one, but again, do we give thanks and/or attention to others on a regular basis? Have you thanked family members for those little things they do around the house? Think about those individuals who could use a little appreciation but, perhaps, fit into your announces category? Have you acknowledged them and/or their skills recently?

*S… seek wise others. Who do you go to for your advise? Who do you spend time with? Who are you influenced by? Do these people have lifestyles that you want to be a part of? Do they act in ways that enhance and support your true self and personal goals? Do they enhance your positive energy?

*H… help others. And how do you contribute to the Greater Good? Are you helping others or are you just out for your own gains? Are you making a difference?

When we add a DASH of this to our own lives then we become not only stronger, healthier individuals but we become better role-models as well– especially to the children, the next generation.

Enjoy the DASH to the finish line!
~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

The Book

My last blog entry talked about a book that I had been guided to read.

“Understanding Life” by Wendy Hill is a book about the dreams that Wendy has been given, helping her understand the Truth and to guide her through healing not only herself but of discovering her gifts as a healer and thus healing others.

I really enjoyed the book, for so many reasons: the wisdom, the stories, the importance of dreams and their messages, and there are probably some more “gifts” that the book has given me but they aren’t flowing out my fingers at this moment.

One of the biggest “eye opener” pieces of Wisdom that has kept me thinking for the past couple of days is that we teach our children to think about “me” rather than “we” during their time in school. In the community, if someone is struggling and needs assistance of some manner, what do we want everyone to do? Help out – step up, step in, and support the individual in whatever manner is needed. And what do we want children to do if someone is struggling with an academic challenge, especially a test? We tell them and make them step back and leave the individual on their own to struggle with their challenge on their own. We tell them that is it wrong to help their neighbour and that “winners” are those that succeed while others do not. It is a “me” success, not a “we” success.

Powerful and thought-provoking.

We are one community – all of us. And each of us is given a job to do, a gift to use, a purpose, a “Sacred Possibility” (as I have come to label our journey) and together, when we put all of these gifts and possibilities together, we fulfill the one journey, the one plan, the one Possibility. We need everyone doing their piece to get the job done. Together, helping each other complete their tasks, we are united, we are strong, and we walk the path of Truth.

“We” is our families, our communities, our society, our countries, our continents, our planet, and our Universe. We.

How can I help you with your part of the journey?
~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Strong Women

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be part of a Gathering of women and part of a circle lead by a special woman named Faith. At the end of the circle, Faith lead us in a “Strong Woman Song” chant.

At the time, it was an extraordinary event but since then it has become even more powerful for me. Imagine a group of women … strong women… each seeking Truth, healing, and a way to make a difference in some manner. Imagine each, in turn, chant a phrase and then being joined by the rest of the group repeating and adding to the chant – a voice of one and a voice of many.

At the time, I felt a special something, being part of this united energy. And I remember being in awe of the power behind Faith’s voice as she sang her part of the “Strong Woman” chant. Her voice was definitely that of a strong woman and she was not afraid to share it.

Having spent a lot of time in the past few weeks remembering the chant and the Gathering itself, I am starting to understand the purpose and the power of the chant. I am a strong woman. I am part of a strong Sisterhood of strong women. We all support each other, either one on one, or as women as a whole. Honouring the Sacredness of being a woman is vital to walking the path of Truth. Life is about living fully – just as Faith’s voice rang out in the chant, we need to live life with such vibrancy and strength.

I am a Strong Woman and am becoming stronger every day. And every day, now, I give thanks for being taught the Strong Woman Song.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place
(“Strong Woman Song” : a video found on YouTube)

And the Earth shook…

Yesterday, here in Ontario, we experienced an earthquake. For some of us it was just a moment of curiosity as we wondered what the little wobble was about. For others it was scary and walls moved and things fell. And for others it was a sign that the G8 and G20 events should not be happening.

This last interpretation made me pause and think about that. If we believe that there is a message of Wisdom in all things, then the coincidence of an earthquake and a gathering of the people of power from around the world holds a message for us.

I believe that our world, as we know it, (or our journey of mankind) will come to an end – unless we become a unified people regaining our natural vibration with the rest of the natural world. We have been living out of sync for far too long and have taken things to such extremes that Mother Earth is now fighting back. We have horrendous hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes and oil disasters, and oh so many more examples of signs that we are hitting rock bottom of our journey.

The G8 and G20 events are a major step in our journey of healing and changing the direction of our future. We, the people, have a major role in this change as well, but the powers-to-be have got to get on board and ride this wave of salvation. All of us, working together, will be the difference. Our generation is the “make or break” point in our evolution.

And so, for me, the earthquake is Mother Earth reminding us to make these historic meetings count! They are a reminder to focus on our planet as a whole, as a species as a whole: one people, one planet, one opportunity.

Thank-you Mother Earth and The Great Mystery for guiding us along our path and for the messages that remind us of our responsibilities and of the Truth.

~Debbie, The Gathering Place


The Clan Mother for this Moon cycle is “Listening Woman”. She teaches us how to listen and how to hear in order to gain the Wisdom, heal ourselves and change the world.

Yesterday I was asked to observe a young man in a Grade 8 class. While I was there I witnessed an interaction that was, to me, extraordinary and was a perfect example of Listening Woman at work.

The assignment for the class was to write an essay about something that was important to them, such as why the school day should be shorter. One student, a young lady, who apparently does not interact in class or work on tasks in the classroom, sat quietly at her desk for most of the class. Even after several attempts to get her to start writing she never looked at her paper or picked up a pen.

Then near the end of the class she put her hand up and asked the teacher to help her find an idea to write about. She had my attention – she had asked for help. The teacher came and pulled up a chair beside her desk and sat quietly. After a moment she asked the young lady a question about her family. It was a simple question and after the equally simple response the teacher made a comment that opened the door for the student. For the next few minutes she told a story about her family and shared her feelings about the situation. It was like a plug was pulled and the floodgates opened. Not only was she telling a story but she was sharing some pretty personal thoughts and feelings about the situation.

The teacher was asked a question by another student and the storytelling paused. The teacher then turned her attention back to the student, having said nothing since her original comment. The student said, “I’ve picked my topic.” Surprisingly, it was not about her family but about a very important cause and prevention strategies. She then shared another story about someone in the community and how the situation had impacted her.

The teacher said that it was a very important message to share and left her to start writing. For the next twenty minutes or so (right into the next class session) the young lady was busy writing. When she was done she held up her paper and proudly showed the room, not that anyone noticed, as they were busy with other things. She then went to two friends to have them each read the story and to share her passion. Her eyes were wide and glistening with alertness; her words came quickly as she urgently passed on her message. She had come “alive”.

I sat in awe. Coaxing and coercing had done nothing; feeding her ideas to write about had done nothing; asking her what she was interested in had done nothing … and then someone listened and her world changed.

The rest of the class I looked around at all the young troubled souls who were clambering for attention by disrupting the class, who made it very clear that they did not want to be there, and I wondered, “what if someone just listened…”

Thank you Listening Woman for that experience and that Wisdom.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Just because you can….

…doesn’t mean you should!

One of the problems in our society is that we often choose to do something just because we can. That would be the masculine energy acting without the balance of the feminine energy to keep that one foot on the right path. From draining lakes for drinking water to ridiculous lawsuits to running a red light … to … an endless number of examples.

It’s time for us to stop and think about our actions, not only as a society as a whole but also individually. We need to be asking ourselves if the choice is beneficial to the greater good. If not and it is all about “me” and “what I can get without regards to the cost to others”, then, well, it is a “shouldn’t” choice.

The examples of “just because I can” surround us on a daily basis. As an outsider (or part of the “cost to others” group) we can see that the actions are wrong and it is disheartening to watch and hear the stories.

And then I have to wonder how many times I have chosen that wrong path – perhaps in subtle ways but still wrong. For anything that I have done at the cost of others. I apologize.

Keeping one foot on the right path,
~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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