The Balanced Path

Actions (our masculine energy at work) without the guidance of our feminine energy (the inner knowing) will head us down a rocky road, creating chaos of one sort or another.

Listen to your inner Self and keep at least one foot on your true path.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place


Social Networking Impact

Social networking is perhaps one of the things in history that our era will be remembered for. It is an interesting world as people let others know what they are working on, doing, thinking about, and so on throughout their day. What many people forget to take into consideration, however, is that they are also telling the world what kind of person they are.

Reading some postings and comments makes me cringe. Not only do I find certain stories and comments offensive, but all I can think of is that everything a person posts online is part of a future job interview or meeting with the boss, a business advertisement, a first impression, and a general statement of one’s character.

I was told recently by someone that people need to remember that online messages are the same as standing up on a stage with thousands of people in front of you listening to you speak. It is not the same as hanging out in your living room where the conversations can take on a different “flare”, let’s say, and are private.

Before, stepping back off the soapbox, I just want to suggest that before you click that button to post something re-read what you have typed and ask yourself if the words correctly portray to the world the image of yourself that you want to be known as.

Remember: your words represent “you” and once they leave your lips or your hands they belong to the world and cannot be taken back.

~Debbie, The Gathering Place


This week, during a Gathering, the conversation turned to the meaning of “sacred”.

Last fall I had an “aha moment” where I realized that as a spirit of The Great Mystery I am thus “Sacred”. But what exactly is “sacred”? The following is a quote from White Bison: “When something is sacred it means it’s so holy you can’t attach a value to it. ” (and the rest of the statement added that the item thus cannot be bought/sold.)

When we treat all things as Sacred it changes our perspective of life as a whole and how we walk our path. It is yet another fascinating component of the journey of a spiritual seeker.

Try it — look to your left; whatever your eyes stop at, find the sacredness in it. Where do your thoughts go from here? How will you interact with that object in the future?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Clan Mother: Weighs The Truth

As we walk our paths, we each formulate our own version of what is true for us. This belief system is shaped by our experiences and our interpretation of these events.

Our openness to looking within, to confront our fears, to release our burdens, and to think with our hearts and not the egoic mind peels back the layers of grey to discover the beauty of the pure Truth.

Today we begin the cycle of the March moon and at our Clan Mother Gatherings this month we will discuss weighing and accepting the Truth, to move us beyond the grey.

I invite you to join one of our Gatherings to share your wisdom about this topic, strengthening the healing energy around the world.

Upcoming Gatherings:
Tonight, at The Gathering Place, 7:00 PM
Friday, March 19th at 1:30 PM, at the Welkin Wellness Centre, Brantford
Saturday, April 3, at 7:30 AM, at The Gathering Place.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Becoming a Full-grown Woman

According to Native beliefs, as described in the books by Jamie Sams, a woman reaches full womanhood when she is 52.

For me, this takes place in two days and I have been very excited about this milestone ever since I read about it. Over the past year I have had many amazing experiences and have grown, Spiritually and as a person, in leaps and bounds.

I thought that, because this past year was my 52nd year, that all that took place was my big “wow” for the milestone time in my life. However, I met a lady a couple of weeks ago who said that something big was going to happen. I said that it already had and she looked at me quizzically and said that that was just the beginning. It’s going to get bigger. Well isn’t that exciting!

So this morning, with the hint of spring in the air, I took out my Sacred Path Cards, by Jamie Sams, to refocus on my Spiritual Journey, after a quiet time during the winter months.

The East Card (Opportunity Knocking), “Medicine Wheel”, indicates that doors are opening for me right now and I am heading in a new direction.
The South Card (Faith) “War Bonnet” reminds me to “exhibit confident willingness to be a pathfinder” and to trust my path that is unfolding.
The West Card (the path) “Field of Plenty” reminds me to give thanks for the resources that are to come my way and to manifest the visualizations through action. (To change a dream into a goal you have to take action — not just sit thinking about it.)
The North Card (wisdom) “Smoke Signals” tells me that the outcome of this part of my journey will be a clear purpose and conviction.

As a “dabbler”, I have my hands and mind in many different outlets, and the ideas of possibilities are many. I often am blocked by simply not knowing which direction I should take, or focus on.
The cards remind me to stay focused on “something” and become a master at it. (A message I was bombarded with last fall.) The cards also remind me to take action, to follow through with the ideas. I have done a lot of work on acting on ideas — I have written several books, hosted Gatherings, and, oh, so much more.
But obviously there is more to my path.
A clearer path is about to be uncovered for me. I must listen to my inner voice, spend some time in meditation, paying attention to the visualizations of my now and my future and of my purpose. I “need” to be open to the messages that will guide me through this doorway of opportunity and into my next stage of “I Am”.

I am very excited about the journey and about the possibilities.
I AM and now I have to do the ” I am” steps.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

My LumberJocks’ Woodworking Awards Entry

Today I completed my entry for the LumberJocks Winter Awards.
Yin Yang: The Void

It is a representation of the unity of the Physical world and the Spiritual world.

The creation of this project was an interesting one – from the vision to the photography of the completed sculpture. I tried to capture as many elements of my beliefs as possible while staying true to the Awards category “Yin Yang”.
Inspiration for the sculpture came from artwork found in Jamie Sams‘ products.

I’d love to hear your feedback and how you interpret the art.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Vision Walk – A Special Connection

Friday, I hosted two different Clan Mother Gatherings, and at each of the Gatherings, I took the group on a short Vision Walk to connect with the Clan Mother “Talks With Relations” (as described in Jamie Sams’ book: The 13 Original Clan Mothers).

On the second Walk, I was in a meadow and I savoured the environment through my senses. I felt Mother Earth beneath my feet, the Air upon my skin; I saw the sun shining on the grasses and flowers. At a Sacred Place in the meadow I stopped and I was surrounded by many creatures, such as a deer, as well as the plant people. “Talks With Relations” was also there although I didn’t have a conversation with her. I find that when I am facilitating a Vision Walk my mind is too connected to the Physical World, although I do still get messages.

As the Vision Walk was wrapping up, I walked back through the meadow to the Now and as I reached the edge of the meadow and was about to step back into the present, the Clan Mother reached across (from outside the meadow) and took my hands in hers. She then walked me across the threshold, bringing me out of the Vision Walk and into the Now.

There were no words and no instant understanding of the message, as happens in most (if not all) of my walks thus far. I knew that it was very powerful because the Clan Mother is usually in the centre of the Vision Walk and not outside of it.

When I spoke with a friend about it her interpretation was that “Talks With Relations” was acting as a bridge between the Spiritual World, the Vision Walks, and the Physical World. I loved the word “bridge” and knew that it was the right word to use. And now I wait to see what is about to unfold for me as my Spiritual connection has now entered my physical world.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

How Are You Living Your Life?

I was writing in my Journal this morning and I had an “ah ha” moment —

As I was journalling about the day’s statement, my pen wrote: I am my greatest mentor and role-model. I “should” be living like I believe I should; I “should” be living true to my beliefs; I “should” be my greatest mentor and role-model.

Still contemplating that thought!! Am I living up to my own expectations?

~ Debbie

Living “in the moment”

“in the moment” vs modern technology — do you spend more effort and interest in posting photos or blogs about an experience or in living the experience itself?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Clan Mother “Becomes Her Vision”

You are your vision — right here, right now. You are everything that you believe you are (and aren’t).

~ Debbie

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