Total Website Makeover

The Universe has been sending me messages lately that are guiding me back into the world of parent/educator support.

Trusting in the messages, I have responded by doing a complete makeover on my website so that I am ready for when opportunity knocks.

Although the possibilities are exciting on their own, the fun part involved the website design. I’ve owned a Mac computer for several years and have played around with iWeb a few times, but nothing serious. This past week, however, for some reason – I got hooked. Oh, the fun I had playing with the features of the program and fine-tuning my vision for what I wanted to present to the world.

The result is 2 sites connected. “The Journey Within” will continue to focus on spirituality and “Today’s Child” contains information about parent and educator supports.

And now … I have to wait and see what the Universe has in store for me. But I am ready. I listened to the messages and responded by getting prepared.

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within



When you add one thing to another you get double the stuff. When you mix two ingredients in cooking, you get double the taste experience. When you put two Spiritual Seekers together you get double the insight and double the positive energy.

Regardless of whether or not you think of yourself as a Spiritual Seeker, you must have felt the power of bringing two like-minded people together. As mankind struggles to regain a synchronicity with nature in order to undo the damage we have done to the earth as well as to reach our next level of development and enlightenment, it is important that we each unite our positive intentions and energies in order to strengthen them and to have the most impact on our journey.

Of course, the more people you have in one room the more powerful the effect will be but even a 1:1 conversation with someone has a huge impact. Not only do these two people become inspired by being in each others’ presence and by the Wisdom shared but they each go out into their own little worlds and share this new energy even if it is only through the glowing smiles that adorn their faces.

The more Gatherings that take place around the world the faster our healing will take place. Imagine a single drum beating and then a second adds to the rhythm. Wrapping around the world like a blanket, the impact of the drums becomes a power that one can only imagine. We are these drums echoing the rhythm of Mother Earth.

Are you attending or hosting a Gathering this month?

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

(See my Gatherings Webpage for upcoming events)

Ask the Children

I have a story to tell you. I hope you find it joyful and perhaps insightful.

Yesterday I had an experience that reminded me of a dream/vision that I was given some time ago. I won’t get into that story, other than to say that the message was: “Ask the children. They already know.” The dream was a reminder that the children of today have a stronger connection with Spirit than we have and are very aware.

Yesterday, while in a waiting room with my Mom, a little girl (about 4 years old) came into the room and walked up to me and put her face very close to mine. I ignored her closeness but it was hard not to check her out, since she was right in front of me. She wore glasses, her eyes big like saucers, and she had a splint on her one finger.

She ran back to her mother after our brief connection.

A few moments later she returned to me and the following dialogue went like this:
Girl: What’s your name?
Me: Debbie. What’s your name?
Girl: (her name)
Me: Pleased to meet you…
Girl: Pleased to meet you, too.
( a pause and then she stepped closer to me)
Girl: I have a very sad story to tell you.
Me: Sad? Do I need a kleenex?
(she looked at me, thinking)
Girl: I will tell you the story first. You see if you need a kleenex.
Me: Ok.
Girl: I was at the pediatrician’s and when nobody was looking I took it off. (She held up her finger in the splint.)
Me: Uh-Oh
Girl: (she steps closer again). Did you need a kleenex?

Over the next hour of waiting, she and I had several discussions (I had my Early Childhood Educator hat on and did a few little lessons on “running” and “controlling one’s body). She listened, and in her words, “I tried to control my body but it won” – as she made her last sprint around the waiting room.) But I’m getting off track. So easy to do, when in her presence.

My Mom noted, later, that of all the people in the room, she came up to “me” – perhaps the one person who would listen and interact. Perhaps .. but there was something. She was aware of something… she knew what nobody else knew. And she acted on it.

After our 3-hours spent in the waiting room, my Mom said that she would have left long ago if I hadn’t been there. My response, “Yes, but you wouldn’t have gotten to meet this little girl.” My Mom smiled. “Very true,” she said, “Very true.”

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

Breaking Through The Bubble

When working with clients who are struggling with turmoils in their lives and/or emotional upheavals, I use the analogy of a balloon to help them through their current challenges.

Picture yourself in a balloon, all is well – until you want to break free. To get to that outside world, to the possibilities that lie outside the closed space, you have to get through the balloon’s outer surface. You can’t just step through, you have to push and twist and shove. You will probably sweat a little, have some not-so-nice words popping into your head and even, perhaps, off your tongue, but you struggle through, because you know that on the other side there is a great freedom.

This struggle is what we experience when we are in the process of changing our lives, breaking free of our past and walking into the opportunities of the future.

Emotional chaos and roadblocks along your path are just notices from the Universe that it is time to move onto the next step of your journey. It is telling you that the current (or past) way of life isn’t good enough any longer. You have learned those lessons, grown as much as you can from that lifestyle. Now it is time for new lessons, new possibilities – a new “you”.

Are you currently struggling to break through a balloon? Oh how exciting!! I wonder what lies on the other side, for you?

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

New Website

I have a new website!

Not much to say other than: check it out.
“The Journey Within at the Gathering Place”

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

A little DASH of this …

I was going through a box of stuff and found some notes from parenting programs that I used to facilitate.

I like to use acronyms as part of my tool kit because they help me and others remember concepts that we talk about. In the pile of stuff I found a page describing “DASH” as one of the tools to help raise healthy children.

It is a good acronym and I’ll be using it with my clients in the future, I am sure, if the need arises.
* D … do unto others. That’s an easy one. I think everyone knows that phrase, although we don’t always remember to treat others as we would want to be treated.

*A … acknowledge others. Another easy one, but again, do we give thanks and/or attention to others on a regular basis? Have you thanked family members for those little things they do around the house? Think about those individuals who could use a little appreciation but, perhaps, fit into your announces category? Have you acknowledged them and/or their skills recently?

*S… seek wise others. Who do you go to for your advise? Who do you spend time with? Who are you influenced by? Do these people have lifestyles that you want to be a part of? Do they act in ways that enhance and support your true self and personal goals? Do they enhance your positive energy?

*H… help others. And how do you contribute to the Greater Good? Are you helping others or are you just out for your own gains? Are you making a difference?

When we add a DASH of this to our own lives then we become not only stronger, healthier individuals but we become better role-models as well– especially to the children, the next generation.

Enjoy the DASH to the finish line!
~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Making Change

.. not the dollars and cents kind … but changing our society.

Last week I overheard someone making a statement about our society in a non-subtle, subtle way. The statement was a complaint that did not hold any specifics or information as to how to change things. The gentleman was making a point and letting the world know that he was not happy with how our society operates.

The event has troubled me since it happened. It obviously holds a great Wisdom for me and so I am writing about it in order to discover what that is and to pass it on to others.

As usual, when I am receiving a message from The Universe, I am put into a few similar situations to make sure that I am getting the point. This situation was no different. Once the “uncomfortableness” had set in I was able to see the same issue everywhere I turned.

When we don’t like something, wee complain. And then what – well, I know from experience, that we (or “I”) often then sit back and wait for someone to fix the problem. It is important enough for me to complain about, but what do I do about it?

Well, many issues are too big for me to tackle or I should say too big for me to choose to tackle. And sometimes I have so many bandwagons that I have hopped onto that I leave a few for other people to tackle. But that’s the “take action” route to change. There is another way.

Thinking back to the gentleman with his troubling statement, I have thought about what he could do to make change. As he was, in that moment, for me, he was not a good role-model. He was not someone I would aspire to copy or follow. Instead, if he had stood there as a confident man of Truth, with that positive Spiritual energy oozing out of his pores, and if he had spoke of Truth and well-being and of a united humanity, the situation would have been completely different. I would have wanted to hear more. I would have left feeling stronger, closer to my path of Truth and to my Spirit Within. I would have changed – in a good way – and would have wanted to go out and change the world!

As I am writing this, goosebumps are sending shivers along my arms. The power and impact of living in Truth is huge. The impact one has on others, just by being in someone’s presence in the state of Truth … wow.

And on that thought, an image of Queen Elizabeth pops into my mind. During her visit to Canada, I watched the news and contemplated why she has such a following. Why do I hold her in such high esteem? Is it her title? Perhaps. But, I think it has more to do with her presence. She is a strong woman who gave up her personal life and goals out of duty to the royal family, to take on a huge role in our world. She has endured numerous family dramas and yet remains this calm and solid force, at least to the outside world. Throughout her life she has maintained her image of royalty and integrity. There is that “something” that just inspires me to live better.

Change: I – you – we – have the opportunity to be a catalyst for great change. And all it takes is to “be” in Spirit.

Who is in your presence right now and how is your “being” having an impact?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Vision Walk – A Special Connection

Friday, I hosted two different Clan Mother Gatherings, and at each of the Gatherings, I took the group on a short Vision Walk to connect with the Clan Mother “Talks With Relations” (as described in Jamie Sams’ book: The 13 Original Clan Mothers).

On the second Walk, I was in a meadow and I savoured the environment through my senses. I felt Mother Earth beneath my feet, the Air upon my skin; I saw the sun shining on the grasses and flowers. At a Sacred Place in the meadow I stopped and I was surrounded by many creatures, such as a deer, as well as the plant people. “Talks With Relations” was also there although I didn’t have a conversation with her. I find that when I am facilitating a Vision Walk my mind is too connected to the Physical World, although I do still get messages.

As the Vision Walk was wrapping up, I walked back through the meadow to the Now and as I reached the edge of the meadow and was about to step back into the present, the Clan Mother reached across (from outside the meadow) and took my hands in hers. She then walked me across the threshold, bringing me out of the Vision Walk and into the Now.

There were no words and no instant understanding of the message, as happens in most (if not all) of my walks thus far. I knew that it was very powerful because the Clan Mother is usually in the centre of the Vision Walk and not outside of it.

When I spoke with a friend about it her interpretation was that “Talks With Relations” was acting as a bridge between the Spiritual World, the Vision Walks, and the Physical World. I loved the word “bridge” and knew that it was the right word to use. And now I wait to see what is about to unfold for me as my Spiritual connection has now entered my physical world.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place


At a workshop I attended years ago they taught the concept of WII-FM: “What’s in it for me?” The idea is that with whatever we do (including attending a workshop) we are there to get something. To be successful at what we do we have to hook others with that WII-FM something. We have to give them something so that they become interested.

I’d like to change the concept just a tad and make it: WCID-FY. “What can I do for you?” Ok, so the acronym isn’t catchy like the radio station name WII-FM but I do like the switch in perspective. In the original version the intention is to “get” by giving. In the revised version the intent is simply to give and let the Universe take care of the rest.

Imagine being at a networking event and you are circulating through the crowd. You stop beside me and we talk about our businesses. Then I say the “WCID-FY” phrase. No strings attached; no hidden agenda – just a sincere offer to be a support in some way. I’m not sure how you will receive the offer or where this will lead but I do know that it feels very fulfilling to truly “network”, to connect and to give without an ulterior motive.

As I type this I envision two little bubbles of mercury sitting on a table. The one starts moving and soon connects with the other bubble, forming a larger and stronger entity. Now that is networking and definitely fits with the concept of “for the greater good”.

~Debbie, The Gathering Place