Total Website Makeover

The Universe has been sending me messages lately that are guiding me back into the world of parent/educator support.

Trusting in the messages, I have responded by doing a complete makeover on my website so that I am ready for when opportunity knocks.

Although the possibilities are exciting on their own, the fun part involved the website design. I’ve owned a Mac computer for several years and have played around with iWeb a few times, but nothing serious. This past week, however, for some reason – I got hooked. Oh, the fun I had playing with the features of the program and fine-tuning my vision for what I wanted to present to the world.

The result is 2 sites connected. “The Journey Within” will continue to focus on spirituality and “Today’s Child” contains information about parent and educator supports.

And now … I have to wait and see what the Universe has in store for me. But I am ready. I listened to the messages and responded by getting prepared.

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within


Being Aware of The Messages

Before I begin telling my story I have to preface with saying that I do not believe that the Universe changes the skies and the weather conditions just to give me a message. I just want to make that clear, up front!

Now, let me tell you my story. My professional career has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few months. It has went from a very comfortable schedule of living a simple life with just enough work to pay the bills, to a bombardment of opportunities knocking on my door. It was exciting, although people kept asking me if the projects were going to impact my relaxed life style in a negative way.

I thought things were going well and then, this past month, one project after another was canceled, leaving me questioning the last part of my balanced lifestyle: the paying the bills. This change in the situation gave me an opportunity to put my “trusting” to the test. My head said, “the Universe has a plan and there is something bigger on its way.” My heart said, “trust.. everything will fall into place as it is to be.” And my ego voice said, “but what about the bank account?” And my head and heart reminded me to trust — “you talk about it, now is the time to walk the talk!”

And this brings us to today… the “being aware” part of the story. Today I was headed to a client and on my way I asked the Universe for a sign, something to help me understand my path at this time and what opportunities were waiting for me. Now, the weather outside this morning happened to be foggy and it was hard to see anything let alone a sign.

As I drove along, there were times when the sun tried to poke through the misty air, only to be swallowed up again in the fog. And then i realized, that the fog was the message! I was currently in a state of fog, unclear of my direction and not able to see what was out there for me. This is a natural state in life and we all know that the fog doesn’t stay and it will pass. Awareness. (Remember my preface note? I don’t really think the Universe sent fog today – just for me. But all things hold Wisdom and today, I was aware of the Wisdom of fog.)

At my clients, the consultation was very powerful, ending with the client saying, “Thank you so much. Everything you said today held such meaning for me. I don’t know how things would have turned out if we hadn’t had this talk. Thank you.” My ego was happy, let me tell you.

And then I returned home. On my drive this time, heading in the opposite direction, I realized that even though it was noon I was facing the moon – the symbol of the feminine energy – the guiding force behind knowing the Truth and knowing what is right. Hanging directly over the road and in line with my view was this precious orb. (Again — I don’t believe there was a shift in the solar system to place the moon in my path on this day. Just want to point that out – again. But, regardless, the Wisdom was still there for me to remember.)

Following the very rewarding consultation, the sky cleared up and everything was shiny and bright. The fog had lifted; the path was clear and Grandmother Moon smiled down upon me. Where am I headed? I trust that I will head exactly where I am to go and, regardless of what opportunities lie in front of me, that “who I am” will say/do/be and make a difference. The inner knowing IS my path. This is who I am. This is what I am to do. This is my now and my future, regardless of how this is to be expressed and shared with the world.

Oh what a glorious day and thanks to the Universe for the messages. I am so glad that I was paying attention. I am now a new “me”.

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within

The Little Sprout

Over the past month or so, my future has been on a little roller coaster. At first, it headed forward full tilt with plans for many different projects. As the month progressed, however, the plans all seemed to disintegrate leaving me with lots of spare time on my hands.

Yesterday, as I headed to a meeting I reminded myself to trust the Universe and to be open to the possibilities, whatever might present itself. The day was a cloudy one, with thick glorious clouds covering most of the sky. Ahead of me, however, was a fair-sized opening allowing the sunlight to light up the earth.

As I often do, I looked to the clouds for guidance. With an open mind, I looked for an image and cleared my mind for the message that would be attached to any “object” that I saw the clouds form. On this day, coming out of the line of clouds at the bottom of the open space was the faintest little puff of cloud in the shape of a bean sprout. I could clearly see the faded shape of a little plant, two little leaves and the bean seed hanging from the top of the plant.

I smiled. New beginnings.. something was sprouting in my life.. something was starting to grow. I felt an inner sense of peace, not because I was soon going to find out where my life was heading at this point in time but because I had trusted – without doubt, without impatience – and here was the sign that the Universe was doing its thing.

When I arrived at my meeting, it turned out to be canceled, however within fifteen minutes of my arrival (and I’m not exaggerating about the time) not only were plans in place for me to facilitate a parenting program but the dates were booked!

In just another fifteen minutes time I was out the door and on my way home. And again I smiled. Not only because I was going back to my roots to facilitate a parenting program but again because of the trusting. I trusted; I kept moving forward and everything came together just as it was meant to be.

Thank you Universe!
And thank-you Erin at the Welkin Centre for this opportunity to facilitate the “Divine Parenting” program.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

This Moment is Nothing

I was reading something today, (written by my favourite author Jamie Sams), that triggered an idea or opened my mind to receive a message: this moment is nothing.

When the message entered my awareness I felt my whole body react – my eyes widened, my shoulders went back and my lungs inhaled. This was a very powerful message.

The basis of this message comes from the story of “the beginning of the world” by an Ojibwe Elder (the link in on the homepage of my website). My understanding of her story goes like this:

    “In the beginning there was nothing… absolutely nothing — except the possibility. And if there was a possibility for one thing, there is a possibility for all things.”

When I received my words of Wisdom today, I realized that each moment is the beginning, the blank slate, the “nothingness”, filled with possibilities.

Each moment is filled with all that “Is”, all the Possibilities that have unfolded and are waiting for what will be. And in each moment of nothingness we are creating the possibilities.

As human beings we often fill our minds with thoughts of “what if” and “if only” or “tomorrow” or “next time” … but we don’t have to wait for some miraculous occurrence to change our lives. In this moment of nothing, that in-between breath, we can change who we are, where we are headed, what we think of ourselves, how we present ourselves, and what we are saying, thinking, and doing. We can make the Possibilities happen.

And from this moment of “nothing” … all things are possible.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

Setting It Free

The other day, while walking the beach with a friend, I had an interesting experience.

As I walked, I was not only “just be-ing” but I was also being aware of objects that were calling my name. On my walk I found a feather with half of the one side missing and a piece of driftwood that formed a “y” with one side shorter than the other. The two pieces seemed to copy each other in shape. The message that I received at the time was that my “left brain” was not in balance with my “right brain” — I was not using one of them enough in my life — I think it is my creative side that is lacking at the moment.

Anyway, as I walked north along the short I saw a feather floating in the water. I had a quick thought to pick it up and then realized that I was to leave it to go on its journey and so I kept walking.

On the way back, I saw the feather again and smile. I kept walking and, soon, my friend also passed by the feather and I heard her say, “No – you have a journey to travel. I will leave you on your way.”

Interesting that both of us had the same response to the same feather.

Later, as I was sitting on the beach holding my lopsided feather and my piece of driftwood, contemplating their meaning, I felt a slight breeze go through the feather, making it vibrate from tip to tip. I wondered if I should let it sail on the wind but held onto it, although a little less firmly.

I continued to contemplate the messages of the morning and added the meaning behind the amazing vibration that I was feeling. Then, I decided to return to the water and I sat the stick and the feather into the hollow of my camp chair seat. At first I put the feather on top but realized that it wouldn’t stay there long and I tucked it underneath the piece of driftwood. I said, “if you are gone when I get back, I know that you have a journey to go on.” And I smiled and walked away.

When I returned, the driftwood was laying in the sand in front of the chair and the feather was about six feet away laying in the sand. The wind was not that strong and the wood and feather had been sitting in the “pocket” of the chair seat, well protected from the breeze and yet they had been lifted out of the chair and the feather was released into the wind.

There are many things in our lives – tangible and intangible – (including relationships) that we know we need to set free (or don’t know) and yet we cling to them – sometimes holding tightly, sometimes twitching as we waver between letting it go and holding onto it longer.

But in the end, one way or another the items are set free. Hopefully it is because we made a conscious decision to do so and in so doing we set ourselves free as well.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “ logo

The Visitor

The other day, while working in the garden, I noticed a snake “slither” up from between the bricks in front of my Cabin and then make its way underneath the floor boards.

I am not a snake-lover or a snake-hater, but i do have a phobia and do not like having to share the same space with this creature. And so I am the first to leave the area and rarely go back to the location for sometime. Alas, this means that the cabin is off limits for a wee bit.

This morning, as I was contemplating what I would get done today, the image of the snake coming out of the bricks flashed through my mind, interrupting my thoughts. At first, I thought, “Where did that thought come from?” And then I realized that in this image the snake was quite large, rather than the little garter snake in the original experience.

It was at this moment that I realized that the visit held a message for me. Reflecting on the meaning of animal totems, I remembered that the snake represents a transformation and I smiled. I was about to cast aside the skin of the current “me” and grow into something more, closer to my Spiritual Self and my purpose here on earth.

And at that thought, I picked up a book that I had purchased the day before. It has been a long time since I bought a book – which is rather strange, as I am quite addicted to books. Recently I have commented to several people that I had not purchased a book in a long time. Then, yesterday, while at a store purchasing some sweetgrass, I perused the book display and two books stood out for me. At the cash register I debated whether to purchase the book ” Understanding Life” by Wendy Hill but in the end I crumbled to my addiction and the book came home with me.

The book sat by my chair over night, untouched. This also is very strange for me, as I usually have the book read the very night that I buy it. But not this time. I didn’t even take it out of the bag. Not until I had my little vision.

Now, I have to say that the picking up the book to begin reading was not consciously connected to having the vision. I didn’t think “oh a transformation – maybe it lies in the book”. No, looking back, it was like two different experiences. One moment I am understanding the vision and the next second I had moved back into living life and picked up the book to check it out.

Opening the cover, I found a handwritten note from the author: “Hope you enjoy the journey”. Being surprised by this personal message I checked the book out more thoroughly and discovered that the author is from Six Nations, about an hour’s drive from here. She is a “local”, sort of. Now I am intrigued.

Next I find that the book is about her journey of becoming a healer, sharing her experience of dreams and translating them into healing messages, lessons to help live life in truth.

It wasn’t long before I knew that amongst these pages I would be transformed into a new “me” as I discovered or re-discovered more Spiritual Wisdom.

I haven’t finished the book yet — close but not done — but with each page I am inspired as well as reminded that everything I learn during this Spiritual Journey I have already discovered and been living in my “psychological journey”.

If I was to summarize the Wisdom, it would be:
– treat all things as Sacred
– treat all things as equal
– trust in the Great Mystery, just as young children trust in Santa.

And now, back to the book!

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Cloud Watching

The Cloud people had a message for me yesterday. As I was laying in the hammock soaking up some of our early summer-like weather I noticed that the big soft wisps of clouds looked like an eagle soaring across the sky.

As I watched, the slowly changing formation transformed to what appeared to be a bird laying on its back looking upwards. As I watched, contemplating the message from above, the cloud again transformed and the eagle was now soaring towards me with its head down, staring at the earth.

The Eagle, to me, represents seeing the whole picture. The message given to me reminded me to look upwards to the Spirit world, forward to the future, and to Mother Earth, the physical world.

Now, I just have to apply the message to my daily living.
~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

Becoming a Full-grown Woman

According to Native beliefs, as described in the books by Jamie Sams, a woman reaches full womanhood when she is 52.

For me, this takes place in two days and I have been very excited about this milestone ever since I read about it. Over the past year I have had many amazing experiences and have grown, Spiritually and as a person, in leaps and bounds.

I thought that, because this past year was my 52nd year, that all that took place was my big “wow” for the milestone time in my life. However, I met a lady a couple of weeks ago who said that something big was going to happen. I said that it already had and she looked at me quizzically and said that that was just the beginning. It’s going to get bigger. Well isn’t that exciting!

So this morning, with the hint of spring in the air, I took out my Sacred Path Cards, by Jamie Sams, to refocus on my Spiritual Journey, after a quiet time during the winter months.

The East Card (Opportunity Knocking), “Medicine Wheel”, indicates that doors are opening for me right now and I am heading in a new direction.
The South Card (Faith) “War Bonnet” reminds me to “exhibit confident willingness to be a pathfinder” and to trust my path that is unfolding.
The West Card (the path) “Field of Plenty” reminds me to give thanks for the resources that are to come my way and to manifest the visualizations through action. (To change a dream into a goal you have to take action — not just sit thinking about it.)
The North Card (wisdom) “Smoke Signals” tells me that the outcome of this part of my journey will be a clear purpose and conviction.

As a “dabbler”, I have my hands and mind in many different outlets, and the ideas of possibilities are many. I often am blocked by simply not knowing which direction I should take, or focus on.
The cards remind me to stay focused on “something” and become a master at it. (A message I was bombarded with last fall.) The cards also remind me to take action, to follow through with the ideas. I have done a lot of work on acting on ideas — I have written several books, hosted Gatherings, and, oh, so much more.
But obviously there is more to my path.
A clearer path is about to be uncovered for me. I must listen to my inner voice, spend some time in meditation, paying attention to the visualizations of my now and my future and of my purpose. I “need” to be open to the messages that will guide me through this doorway of opportunity and into my next stage of “I Am”.

I am very excited about the journey and about the possibilities.
I AM and now I have to do the ” I am” steps.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

A Circle Experience

i’d like to thank Shirley for inviting me to a Circle event last night. It was really interesting. (A special thank you, as well, to Nancy, the facilitator, and to Karen, who became my “random” partner twice, and for her readings.

During one of the meditation exercises I felt a tightening in my jaw and then a clear message to use “speak” as part of my journey. Then I felt a burning in my ears and the message “listen” was given to me, indicating one of my skills. I found it fascinating that the strong physical message that preceded the “word” message was the message as well.

Opportunities knock – do we accept them or miss them? I’m glad I chose to accept this opportunity and will probably go again.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

My LumberJocks’ Woodworking Awards Entry

Today I completed my entry for the LumberJocks Winter Awards.
Yin Yang: The Void

It is a representation of the unity of the Physical world and the Spiritual world.

The creation of this project was an interesting one – from the vision to the photography of the completed sculpture. I tried to capture as many elements of my beliefs as possible while staying true to the Awards category “Yin Yang”.
Inspiration for the sculpture came from artwork found in Jamie Sams‘ products.

I’d love to hear your feedback and how you interpret the art.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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