Good Enough.

In two different parts of my life this week a discussion has taken place resulting in the words of wisdom “good enough”.

The wisdom of these words comes from the caution to not produce mediocre work. When we hear the words “that’s good enough” run through our minds, the ego voice, for whatever reasons, is blocking us from our full potential.

When we are aware of the limiting words we can check out our responses to it. If we are aware and if we are honest with ourselves, we may recognize signs from our body, a twinge in the stomach or a frown perhaps, telling us that we know that we should do more, that we should raise our expectations for ourselves.

“Good enough” can raise its ugly head in our creative work, our office work, our relationships, and our lives as a whole.

Are you living “just good enough”? Listen to your body. Is there an area that you need to focus on and put more effort into?

I could say more, but that’s good enough. I think.

~ Debbie, Journey Within


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