Making Change

.. not the dollars and cents kind … but changing our society.

Last week I overheard someone making a statement about our society in a non-subtle, subtle way. The statement was a complaint that did not hold any specifics or information as to how to change things. The gentleman was making a point and letting the world know that he was not happy with how our society operates.

The event has troubled me since it happened. It obviously holds a great Wisdom for me and so I am writing about it in order to discover what that is and to pass it on to others.

As usual, when I am receiving a message from The Universe, I am put into a few similar situations to make sure that I am getting the point. This situation was no different. Once the “uncomfortableness” had set in I was able to see the same issue everywhere I turned.

When we don’t like something, wee complain. And then what – well, I know from experience, that we (or “I”) often then sit back and wait for someone to fix the problem. It is important enough for me to complain about, but what do I do about it?

Well, many issues are too big for me to tackle or I should say too big for me to choose to tackle. And sometimes I have so many bandwagons that I have hopped onto that I leave a few for other people to tackle. But that’s the “take action” route to change. There is another way.

Thinking back to the gentleman with his troubling statement, I have thought about what he could do to make change. As he was, in that moment, for me, he was not a good role-model. He was not someone I would aspire to copy or follow. Instead, if he had stood there as a confident man of Truth, with that positive Spiritual energy oozing out of his pores, and if he had spoke of Truth and well-being and of a united humanity, the situation would have been completely different. I would have wanted to hear more. I would have left feeling stronger, closer to my path of Truth and to my Spirit Within. I would have changed – in a good way – and would have wanted to go out and change the world!

As I am writing this, goosebumps are sending shivers along my arms. The power and impact of living in Truth is huge. The impact one has on others, just by being in someone’s presence in the state of Truth … wow.

And on that thought, an image of Queen Elizabeth pops into my mind. During her visit to Canada, I watched the news and contemplated why she has such a following. Why do I hold her in such high esteem? Is it her title? Perhaps. But, I think it has more to do with her presence. She is a strong woman who gave up her personal life and goals out of duty to the royal family, to take on a huge role in our world. She has endured numerous family dramas and yet remains this calm and solid force, at least to the outside world. Throughout her life she has maintained her image of royalty and integrity. There is that “something” that just inspires me to live better.

Change: I – you – we – have the opportunity to be a catalyst for great change. And all it takes is to “be” in Spirit.

Who is in your presence right now and how is your “being” having an impact?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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