From “Me” to “We”

I think we’ve all heard this new inspirational, philosophical and challenging phrase that is part of our society today.

It is a wonderful phrase and motto for living. “We” are one society and that makes “we” – “me”. Huh… “me to we = me”. Anything that I, personally, do to “we” I do to myself. It is time to respect every individual part of “we” and that includes Nature.

On this earth, our relations not only include other societies from around the world but also the plants and trees, birds and animals and all other creatures on this planet. What we do to a tree, we do to ourselves. Our actions towards the “we” impacts us all, from the affect on the positive energy that surrounds us all and connects us all, to the air we breathe, the food we eat, and our future.

Have you ever thanked a tree, sincerely thanked it, for the shade provided on a hot summer day or a tomato plant for the delicious fruit that it has produced and shared with you? I’m sure you wouldn’t receive a gift from a friend without saying thank you – why do we interact with nature without the same respect? Every day, when we walk outside, we are entering the home of Mother Nature. Do we acknowledge this with thoughts/words of gratitude? I know that I, for one, often – usually – forget to give thanks, to ask permission, and to just consciously appreciate the presence and the presents from out relations in nature.

The Native tradition is provide a gift of tobacco or cornmeal. How easy it is to keep a container of cornmeal at the door and give a pinch to Mother Earth every morning. A simple act with huge ramifications. What a wonderful way to start the day – acknowledging the “we-ness” of life and reminding ourselves of our roles as part of the big team.

“We” work together on this planet, working as one, as “me”.

Me to We = “me”

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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