Strong Women

A few weeks ago I was honoured to be part of a Gathering of women and part of a circle lead by a special woman named Faith. At the end of the circle, Faith lead us in a “Strong Woman Song” chant.

At the time, it was an extraordinary event but since then it has become even more powerful for me. Imagine a group of women … strong women… each seeking Truth, healing, and a way to make a difference in some manner. Imagine each, in turn, chant a phrase and then being joined by the rest of the group repeating and adding to the chant – a voice of one and a voice of many.

At the time, I felt a special something, being part of this united energy. And I remember being in awe of the power behind Faith’s voice as she sang her part of the “Strong Woman” chant. Her voice was definitely that of a strong woman and she was not afraid to share it.

Having spent a lot of time in the past few weeks remembering the chant and the Gathering itself, I am starting to understand the purpose and the power of the chant. I am a strong woman. I am part of a strong Sisterhood of strong women. We all support each other, either one on one, or as women as a whole. Honouring the Sacredness of being a woman is vital to walking the path of Truth. Life is about living fully – just as Faith’s voice rang out in the chant, we need to live life with such vibrancy and strength.

I am a Strong Woman and am becoming stronger every day. And every day, now, I give thanks for being taught the Strong Woman Song.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place
(“Strong Woman Song” : a video found on YouTube)



  1. Suzanne Rodgers said,

    June 30, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    This seems like a very interesting blog and site, and I am a strong woman who would like to connect to other strong women.

  2. msdebbiep said,

    June 30, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    thanks Suzanne.
    Your comment started me thinking… it must be as empowering just standing in the company of other women — all it would take is having the “strong woman” perspective. I am thinking that standing there, feeling powerful, thinking of the other woman as being a strong woman, should make the positive energy vibrate even stronger.
    Next time I’m out and about I’m going to test that theory.
    Thanks for getting me thinking!

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