And the Earth shook…

Yesterday, here in Ontario, we experienced an earthquake. For some of us it was just a moment of curiosity as we wondered what the little wobble was about. For others it was scary and walls moved and things fell. And for others it was a sign that the G8 and G20 events should not be happening.

This last interpretation made me pause and think about that. If we believe that there is a message of Wisdom in all things, then the coincidence of an earthquake and a gathering of the people of power from around the world holds a message for us.

I believe that our world, as we know it, (or our journey of mankind) will come to an end – unless we become a unified people regaining our natural vibration with the rest of the natural world. We have been living out of sync for far too long and have taken things to such extremes that Mother Earth is now fighting back. We have horrendous hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes and oil disasters, and oh so many more examples of signs that we are hitting rock bottom of our journey.

The G8 and G20 events are a major step in our journey of healing and changing the direction of our future. We, the people, have a major role in this change as well, but the powers-to-be have got to get on board and ride this wave of salvation. All of us, working together, will be the difference. Our generation is the “make or break” point in our evolution.

And so, for me, the earthquake is Mother Earth reminding us to make these historic meetings count! They are a reminder to focus on our planet as a whole, as a species as a whole: one people, one planet, one opportunity.

Thank-you Mother Earth and The Great Mystery for guiding us along our path and for the messages that remind us of our responsibilities and of the Truth.

~Debbie, The Gathering Place


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