Don’t Take the Money

I recently was honoured by crossing paths with an extraordinary woman named Faith. Being in her presence for just a short time was life changing for me although I can’t find the words to describe the change.

One “words of wisdom” that she shared, on the day that I met her, was “Don’t take the money”. She was referring to government funding that ties us to their expectations and rules. When we don’t take the money, she said, we can then do what is right.

Those words resonated within me and since our meeting I have seen many situations where this wisdom could be used. Look at your life: how many things are you tied to, are you giving control of your life to, addicted to, etc?

I have had a conversation with someone who wanted to, but couldn’t, retire because he was “forced” to complete certain requirements in order to receive a disability cheque from the government. I have spoken with people who “need” the overtime work in order to pay for the cost of cell phones and computer upgrades, a form of “the money”. I have watched people live life in a flurry, with children in a dozen after-school activities, with vacations to exotic places and mortgages that are taxing their finances.

We have believed the stories that we need these “things”, that we need a certain lifestyle, that we have to have/do etc in order to be successful. We have sought a free ride from payouts via the government, lotteries, and even lawsuits. We have taken the money, the glitz, the fluff, the image… and we have wandered from the path of our Truth. We have given away control, responsibility, happiness, contentment, and bliss.

Step back from life for a moment and compare how you are living to your list of what truly makes you happy and to what you believe is the Right path. Have you been “taking the money”?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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