Which Comes First: The Vision or The Message?

Recently, I have had a few conversations with people about Vision Boards. Coincidence? Rarely is. And so I contemplate the tool.

The Vision Board is a place to document your dreams, aspirations, and goals. There is a lot more to it, of course, but that is the general gist of it. You turn your visions for your future into something concrete using pictures and words etc. And then the Universe guides you along the path to achievement.

I wonder if the Universe is smiling at the process. I wonder if perhaps it is the Universe who gives us the ideas in the first place — planting the seeds, in our mind, of things to come in our lives. We then think “Gee, I really want to do this, to get this, to be this, in the future” and we create our Vision Board and it unfolds as planned — by the Universe.

Perhaps, thinking of the goals is really “listening” to the messages from the Universe. We have been given “free will” — the free will to listen if we choose, to dream if we choose, to accept and aspire to fulfill a goal or to ignore it all and just meander through life, going wherever it leads us without thinking about it or to do the opposite, for whatever reason.

This month, the Clan Mother is “Looks Far Woman” who teaches us how to perceive and receive the messages from outside ourselves as well as that inner voice of Truth. Perhaps She is smiling right now and saying “Ah ha!! Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner.”

Perhaps the Vision Board is the tool of a Spiritual Seer. Perhaps…
Have you created a Vision Board recently?

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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