Trust in the Possibilities

Trust in the possibilities: like a child trusting in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, pure unquestioning faith, to walk a Spiritual path is to trust that life is unfolding just as it is meant to do and that wisdom, opportunities, and possibilities lie ahead of us.

Over the past year I have contemplated and worked at understanding and believing this wisdom. I think it is becoming a part of me and I try not to limit myself with my short-sightedness. And then this morning I found out that dear friends of ours lost their home to a fire. Such tragic occurrences really test one’s strength to “trust” the outcomes when someone’s life has just been turned upside down.

As I sit here feeling helpless in regards to my friends as there is not really anything I can do at this very moment to help them, I continue my contemplation on “trusting”. Perhaps it is walking the path with one foot in the Spiritual realm – the trusting that something lies ahead – and the other foot in the physical world – grieving the loss of whatever life has taken away and coping with the elements of change and providing for the physical needs.

The feelings of fear, anger, loss, etc, are okay because they are part of the human experience. I guess the trick is to remember to also feel hope, gratitude, and the trust. These elements are what keep us going forward with strength and wholeness and reminds us to see the silver linings: the family and friends who are at our side in times of need, the things that we did not lose or that nothing can take away from us.

And so I send positive energies and thoughts to my friends, helping them to have the strength to make their way through this tragic time with hope and the trust that all will be well.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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