The Olympic Feeling

I don’t know whether it is my age or because the Olympics were held in my own country, but with this Olympics, for the first time, I realized the impact these events have on our World.

Regardless of the chaos (both natural and man-made) that is taking place around the world, during these past two weeks there has been an overwhelming sense of Unity. We are one world supporting each other, motivating each other, challenging each other, and celebrating with each other.

Although the medals are the tangible goal for the events, for me, what was most powerful were the stories – the stories behind the athletes, the families, and the fans. Not only did my eyes tear up on a daily basis but the strength of Spirit – the lessons to be learned about commitment, passion, endurance, overcoming challenges, pushing on, adapting, and so many more inspiring qualities — this strength just has to make its way into every viewer’s fibre of being and hopefully can be drawn upon during our own life journeys. I feel that I have been blessed in so many ways just by being able to watch the Olympics (via television and the internet). Thank you to the athletes, the organizers, the sponsors, supporters, families, communities, and countries.

I also have to say that for the past week what I also felt was the power of media, the power that it has and should use on a daily basis, to empower and inspire. With just a few exceptions, the media coverage was positive and strength focused, rather than highlighting our flaws and the traumas and dramas that mankind can get caught up in. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this inspiration was “in our face” every day, pushing us to live better and to strive/aim higher.

We also can’t forget about the people (the protesters) who have an important message about money spent on practical needs rather than spent on such things as the Olympics. I understand that perspective. But the outcome of the Olympics — priceless. Somehow we have to be able to achieve both goals. And with the Spirit of mankind that has been demonstrated over the past two weeks, I know that we can succeed!

One last note is to quote Donald Sutherland from an interview on CTV at the Olympics: “{We are] kindess, generosity and passion and peace and we have been able to show that to the world […] This has shown this country as what it truly is – a blessing for the world.”

~ Debbie

Oh — and “Go CANADA!!!”

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