Rural Newspapers

A thought flitted through my mind yesterday and I’ve been contemplating it a wee bit.

Growing up in rural Ontario I’ve listened to the “city folk” make fun of our local newspaper. Comments and laughter about the big news such as, “Mrs. Smith had company on Sunday. They ate roast beef and sweet potatoes.” Oh, how people make fun of the things in our paper.

Today, our society covets tidbits of information about movie stars. Their hearts palpitate at the news that “so-and-so was seen wiping her mouth after having a drink of water at a restaurant”. Our society has also become a community of newspaper editors, each writing their own “news worthy” reports every day. Between blogs and networking sites, the opportunity abounds for individuals to share the news that they had company on Sunday and served roast beef and sweet potatoes.

I guess there is something very important about rural newspapers and the community information that is shared. Something to think about.

~Debbie, The Gathering Place

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