Vision Walk – A Special Connection

Friday, I hosted two different Clan Mother Gatherings, and at each of the Gatherings, I took the group on a short Vision Walk to connect with the Clan Mother “Talks With Relations” (as described in Jamie Sams’ book: The 13 Original Clan Mothers).

On the second Walk, I was in a meadow and I savoured the environment through my senses. I felt Mother Earth beneath my feet, the Air upon my skin; I saw the sun shining on the grasses and flowers. At a Sacred Place in the meadow I stopped and I was surrounded by many creatures, such as a deer, as well as the plant people. “Talks With Relations” was also there although I didn’t have a conversation with her. I find that when I am facilitating a Vision Walk my mind is too connected to the Physical World, although I do still get messages.

As the Vision Walk was wrapping up, I walked back through the meadow to the Now and as I reached the edge of the meadow and was about to step back into the present, the Clan Mother reached across (from outside the meadow) and took my hands in hers. She then walked me across the threshold, bringing me out of the Vision Walk and into the Now.

There were no words and no instant understanding of the message, as happens in most (if not all) of my walks thus far. I knew that it was very powerful because the Clan Mother is usually in the centre of the Vision Walk and not outside of it.

When I spoke with a friend about it her interpretation was that “Talks With Relations” was acting as a bridge between the Spiritual World, the Vision Walks, and the Physical World. I loved the word “bridge” and knew that it was the right word to use. And now I wait to see what is about to unfold for me as my Spiritual connection has now entered my physical world.

~ Debbie, The Gathering Place

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