Today’s Vision Walk

I walked along the path of the woods, feeling rather strange today. As I walked, I was joined by a deer. We walked side by side for some time and I wondered why she was here. After a while I realized that she was the one — she was the deer that would honour us by giving her life so we would have meat for the table this winter. I gave thanks to her, apologized for being so selfish and taking her life so we could live and then I sent positive thoughts to Rick so that he’d have a sure, clear shot with his arrow. The deer hung back and then faded into the distance.
I continued on the path and noticed a squirrel that put a nut into the ground and knew that the nut would become a tree. I then noticed all the animals and how they would give back.
I continued down the path feeling as if this was the first time that I had walked this path, unsure of what was to happen. I entered the meadow, again as if it was the first time that I had been there and not knowing what to do. I did sit down by the fire because that is what I had done during other Vision Walks. I thought about the message of giving back and how I was to give back.
I then felt this .. something… a pain? a hole? a darkness? in my heart — perhaps it was the Void, now that I think about it……… and I was overwhelmed with the realization that my giving back was opening the doorway for others to find their Spirit Within, to find the balance of masculine and feminine energies, to find The Great Mystery. That was big. And then I saw that I wouldn’t do this through preaching or teaching but through example, by being. I saw my ceremonies at the Gatherings, not as an act of the Gathering but as a true connection with The Great Mystery. All my actions would be true to me and not just because of the Gatherings.
The magnitude of this awareness made that Void in my heart so huge that I couldn’t fully fathom it and then I cried. As I cried I found that a Clan Mother had appeared and she held me in her arms. I sat there for a long time, crying, taking in the message and feeling the Truth of it. I didn’t want to leave because I just didn’t have any energy left to move. The Clan Mother held my face in her hands and smiled knowingly. I gave her a gift of tobacco – a packet of tobacco for each of the Clan Mothers.
She guided me to the edge of the woods and with lots of effort I put one foot ahead of the other and started making my way back to Now. I noticed as I walked that I appeared to be wearing a long flowing robe and that my feet were bare.
As I neared the Now the clothing transformed back into my regular clothing.

The Vision Walk today was like a rebirth, a re-Knowing. I am me. I am Spirit. My honouring, giving thanks, ceremonies are becoming a part of who I am and this shall be my path, my giving back. From here on my ceremonies are less practices and more Truth. I don’t think I can put this Knowing into words but I can still feel the magnitude of this awareness and still have the urge to cry.

~ Debbie

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