Accountability for Own Actions

How easy it is to pass the buck when it comes to responsibility. Currently the news is filled with people complaining about the process of getting the flu vaccine. They complain about the long line-ups and they complain that people, who are not on the priority list, are getting the vaccine.

We are the people. We are the ones who are lining up. We are the ones that are showing up even though we are not in the high risk category. We are the ones causing the problems. Why is it that we need the government to dictate how we should act?

We have passed the buck on our responsibilities. “It’s not my fault. They didn’t make a law stopping me from doing it.” That’s about how we are living our lives as a society. If we took responsibility for our own actions then we wouldn’t need to be controlled.

I used to think that some of our safety laws are good, valid, laws but now I see many of them as ways to make us act responsibly when we should be doing that ourselves. Our children should wear helmets when riding bikes. Does that need to be a law? We should keep our attention on driving and two hands on the wheel instead of on a cell phone. Does that need to be a law?

If we all thought about and TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR the ramifications of our actions, both now and for the next generations, BEFORE we acted, our world would be much different than it is now!


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