A Visit With A Clan Mother

Sitting in The Cabin I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

The Vision
I envisioned a path leading into the woods and I acknowledged the plants and animals within. At the end of the path I found a meadow and in the centre of the space was a fire.
I sat down at the fire’s edge and asked the Clan Mother, Talks With Relations, if she would join me. She appeared in a long flowing blue dress that resembled the night sky. Her hair was long and silvery white and her face was youthful with a joyous smile. At her side was a fawn.
I said that I had no questions but wanted to thank her for our conversation last January. She smiled a little impish grin, with a twinkle in her eye.
I then turned to the fawn and apologized for the life of the deer that we would take this hunting season. I said that it was our way of life at this time. We might change in the future but for now that is how we live. The fawn said, reassuringly, “I know”.
I then turned to Talks With Relations and asked her if she had any wisdoms for me and she said, “Be patient.” I thanked her and gave her a gift of cornmeal to share with the animals and she left in a swirl that resembled a vortex.
I got up from the fire and made my way back to the woods. At the path I noticed the footprints of the many animals who had been at the circle, watching from behind.
I returned to the edge of the forest and opened my eyes.
And I smiled.

~Debbie http:www.execulink.com/~yohan

(Thanks to Jamie Sams and her book “The 13 Original Clan Mothers”. Finding this book was life changing for me!)

See the comments section for subsequent visions.


  1. msdebbiep said,

    October 22, 2009 at 8:56 am

    The next day…

    Walking again through the woods to the meadows, I reached the fire and sat and asked the Clan Mother to join me and I see 5 Clan Mothers standing around the circle of the fire.
    They came to me and lifted me from the sitting position and I stood between them not knowing what to do and so I ask.
    They say to do what I feel like doing, what feels right.
    I stood with arms in air, turning and then a dress, robe, was put on me, down over my upright arms. I wondered what colour it was, seeing white but still I wondered and a voice said “it is the colour of the Clan Mother.”
    Oh… wear the colour of the month, immerse myself in it, into the message of the feminine aspect, into the world of the Clan Mothers.
    And then I felt the power of the Vision – BE the Clan Mother. Join the group and be one of the Clan Mothers (not the Original ones, but the Clan Mothers)
    I, as do all of us, have the gift of being a Clan Mother, through our actions and role-modeling and guiding. The Clan Mothers turned and faded away. I walked back through the woods, that were silent, as if life paused while I processed the vision.
    I am a Healer
    I am a “Clan Mother”.

    ~ Debbie

  2. msdebbiep said,

    October 22, 2009 at 9:04 am

    and the next day…

    As I walked again into the woods I could smell the aroma that a forest emits. I felt the dampness; I saw the tiny plants; I heard the sounds of the animals and birds around me. My senses were alive and I was aware of all the details of the woods.
    As I approached the meadow I saw the ribbons of light filter through the trees and then the beauty of the lighted meadow.
    I sat down on a log, at the fire’s edge, and then noticed that I was nestled between two Clan Mothers. I felt the warmth of their presence beside me. I looked at their long slender hands and noticed their bare feet. I noticed the “wee people” who sat outside the circle and the many, many eyes of the animals watching, from just within the trees.
    I asked the Clan Mothers for words of wisdom and they said to be aware, watch for the little details, all that surrounds me and take care of the little details.
    I nodded yes and asked “anything else”. They said, “You are doing well.”
    I asked about the business venture with a friend and they said this is her Journey and you can be a part of it. You are a Healer. You can heal in more ways than one and at different things at one time.
    Again I nodded and thanked them for their wisdom. I gave them a gift (a strand of my hair) in gratitude.
    They walked me to the edge of the woods and said, “We are always here when you need us.”
    Along the path back, I saw that all the animals were following behind me. They too were always here if I needed them.
    I reached the edge of the woods and stepped back into the “now”.
    ~ Debbie

  3. msdebbiep said,

    October 24, 2009 at 4:58 am

    And on the fourth day, I again visited the place of the vision and as I walked down the path in the woods I heard the joyous songs of the birds. I started to skip along the path and then out into the meadow which was filled with lights of fireflies and fairies, dancing in the open space.
    I did not sit down by the fire today but danced amongst the lights. The Clan Mothers watched from the sky above and smiled. No message today because “joy” IS the message. I continued to dance for some time and then started dancing along the path in the woods, joined by the lights. As I approached the opening of now, the fairies and fireflies hung back but continued to dance. As I stepped into the now I still danced – a joyous loving dance. Life is good.

    ~ Debbie

  4. msdebbiep said,

    October 25, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Day 5: Am I pushing it?
    It was late in the afternoon, far after my morning Gratitudes and usual time for the Vision Walk. (that’s what I am now calling these journeys), but I had some free time and thought about traveling to the “Vision Fire” (a name I just made up now). I thought that it wasn’t the right time and I was really pushing my luck with repeating this process – again. I thought that I was now forcing a vision and it would lose its Sacredness.
    I did some housekeeping in the Cabin and then sat down, again.
    I decided to attempt the Vision and I closed my eyes. I saw the path in the woods and as I entered, it was dark and quiet. Then I saw a big, bright light ahead of me. I thought, “it is just the light of the evening sun shining through the cabin window. See? You are forcing it!” But I continued anyway.
    All was silent and dark and empty. “I knew it! Forced and there is nothing here.”
    And still I continued. I walked out into the meadow and it too was empty. I’m sure if I had spoken I would have heard an echo. The Vision was empty.
    And then I heard a voice: “Sit by yourself. Be with your Self. That is all you need.” And then the voice was quiet.
    I looked around unsure if there was even a fire. At first I saw that it was out but as I sat down at its edge the flames were there and they seemed to wrap around me.
    And so I sat with myself, finding the silence. “How long do I have to sit here,” I thought. “Finding the silence. Great. I did it! But now what? Do I have to sit here for long?”
    Then I realized that I was in the Void – the centre of all possibilities and the connection between the physical and Spiritual world! Oh my — I was IN THE VOID. This wasn’t an empty dark place, void of all things but was the place of all beginnings and possibilities! OH MY GOODNESS! I – WAS – IN – THE – VOID!
    And then I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to explore more, but I knew that I had to leave. So I slowly, begrudgingly, got up and moved towards the path.
    I slowly made my way back through the dark empty woods, knowing that I must keep going forward.
    Then, as I got farther down the path, I started to hear the animals. Then I saw the fireflies and fairies and I heard all the creatures snickering, holding back the laughter. They knew what the vision was to be and had played their roles well. So sneaky!
    As I got near the end of the path, it was bright and cheery and alive. And as I stepped back into the “now”, I was filled with joy and aliveness. Life is good.


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