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Have you ever found yourself in a discussion that left you feeling very unsettled? Well that’s how I am feeling today.

This is not the first time I have thought about the issue of “rights” and it isn’t the first time that I have written about it, but today it takes on a new layer as I continue to contemplate the workings of a “community”.

I won’t get into the specifics of the situation that triggered this blog because that is irrelevant. The rationalizations are what I am interested in. The main “truths” that are used in the debate go something like this:

1. they think that their rights are more important than mine and that I have to give up my rights so that they can have their rights. (I do not have to stop what I am doing!)
2. they chose to live like that, not me, and I do not have to give up my rights because of their choice

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot now (same “truths” as above, but with a twist):

1. “I” think that my rights are more important than theirs and they have to give up their rights so that I can have my rights (They do not have to stop doing what they are doing!)
2. I chose to live like this, not them, and they don’t have to give up their rights because of my choice

Head spinning yet? Do you have lots of “yah but” thoughts? Perhaps. But my purpose is not to determine who is right and who is wrong. My point is that in a community or, I should say, “in a healthy community”, people work together to find ways to support everyone’s needs and goals. There are compromises and negotiations to determine what works for that particular community at that particular point in time. And these compromises are not made with a “poor me” attitude but in the spirit of giving and supporting others and thus the community as a whole.

A community is not about “me” and “them”; it is not about winning/losing; it is not about my rights… it is about “us”, about win/win; it is about the rights of the greater good and finding a way to allow everyone to be able to contribute in his/her own way and have the resources needed to achieve this.

I feel better now. I wonder how many debates about “rights” I will hear in the next little while? I wonder what pieces of Wisdom I will discover as I sit back and listen to the justifications, rationalizations, and “truths”.



Some of us LOVE our shoes, some just buy something that fits (or not)… regardless of the sentimental value, our shoes are a symbol of who we are or what we think about ourselves.

Think about your shoe collection or about that one pair of shoes that are your favourites. Picture them as a self-portrait.

What do my shoes say about “Debbie”? Perhaps, for me, what speaks the greatest is the shoes that I “don’t” own. I love shoes. As someone once pointed out, that for many women they are the one piece of clothing that the size needed never changes! Once a size 6, always a size 6. (Oh that felt good, saying that I was a size 6.) Anyway, in my past I have owned dozens of shoes, often chosen for some funky quality that just seemed too cool to pass up. I loved shape, colour, height, texture. Yes, indeed, I loved shoes.

Today, however, (although I still seem to have quite a stockpile of shoes) they are pretty practical and purchased based on need. (Now, here is where the men in my family roll their eyes because it seems their perception of “need” is different than mine. But the ladies out there understand what I mean.) The common factor for all the shoes is comfort. Today I need a shoe with really good support. If the shoe fits the purpose and feels right, preferred colours etc go out the window.

This translates into the rest of my life – comfort, support and basic needs.

Now — what do YOUR shoes say about you? I would love to hear your interpretation!

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within

Total Website Makeover

The Universe has been sending me messages lately that are guiding me back into the world of parent/educator support.

Trusting in the messages, I have responded by doing a complete makeover on my website so that I am ready for when opportunity knocks.

Although the possibilities are exciting on their own, the fun part involved the website design. I’ve owned a Mac computer for several years and have played around with iWeb a few times, but nothing serious. This past week, however, for some reason – I got hooked. Oh, the fun I had playing with the features of the program and fine-tuning my vision for what I wanted to present to the world.

The result is 2 sites connected. “The Journey Within” will continue to focus on spirituality and “Today’s Child” contains information about parent and educator supports.

And now … I have to wait and see what the Universe has in store for me. But I am ready. I listened to the messages and responded by getting prepared.

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within

Good Enough.

In two different parts of my life this week a discussion has taken place resulting in the words of wisdom “good enough”.

The wisdom of these words comes from the caution to not produce mediocre work. When we hear the words “that’s good enough” run through our minds, the ego voice, for whatever reasons, is blocking us from our full potential.

When we are aware of the limiting words we can check out our responses to it. If we are aware and if we are honest with ourselves, we may recognize signs from our body, a twinge in the stomach or a frown perhaps, telling us that we know that we should do more, that we should raise our expectations for ourselves.

“Good enough” can raise its ugly head in our creative work, our office work, our relationships, and our lives as a whole.

Are you living “just good enough”? Listen to your body. Is there an area that you need to focus on and put more effort into?

I could say more, but that’s good enough. I think.

~ Debbie, Journey Within

Being Aware of The Messages

Before I begin telling my story I have to preface with saying that I do not believe that the Universe changes the skies and the weather conditions just to give me a message. I just want to make that clear, up front!

Now, let me tell you my story. My professional career has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few months. It has went from a very comfortable schedule of living a simple life with just enough work to pay the bills, to a bombardment of opportunities knocking on my door. It was exciting, although people kept asking me if the projects were going to impact my relaxed life style in a negative way.

I thought things were going well and then, this past month, one project after another was canceled, leaving me questioning the last part of my balanced lifestyle: the paying the bills. This change in the situation gave me an opportunity to put my “trusting” to the test. My head said, “the Universe has a plan and there is something bigger on its way.” My heart said, “trust.. everything will fall into place as it is to be.” And my ego voice said, “but what about the bank account?” And my head and heart reminded me to trust — “you talk about it, now is the time to walk the talk!”

And this brings us to today… the “being aware” part of the story. Today I was headed to a client and on my way I asked the Universe for a sign, something to help me understand my path at this time and what opportunities were waiting for me. Now, the weather outside this morning happened to be foggy and it was hard to see anything let alone a sign.

As I drove along, there were times when the sun tried to poke through the misty air, only to be swallowed up again in the fog. And then i realized, that the fog was the message! I was currently in a state of fog, unclear of my direction and not able to see what was out there for me. This is a natural state in life and we all know that the fog doesn’t stay and it will pass. Awareness. (Remember my preface note? I don’t really think the Universe sent fog today – just for me. But all things hold Wisdom and today, I was aware of the Wisdom of fog.)

At my clients, the consultation was very powerful, ending with the client saying, “Thank you so much. Everything you said today held such meaning for me. I don’t know how things would have turned out if we hadn’t had this talk. Thank you.” My ego was happy, let me tell you.

And then I returned home. On my drive this time, heading in the opposite direction, I realized that even though it was noon I was facing the moon – the symbol of the feminine energy – the guiding force behind knowing the Truth and knowing what is right. Hanging directly over the road and in line with my view was this precious orb. (Again — I don’t believe there was a shift in the solar system to place the moon in my path on this day. Just want to point that out – again. But, regardless, the Wisdom was still there for me to remember.)

Following the very rewarding consultation, the sky cleared up and everything was shiny and bright. The fog had lifted; the path was clear and Grandmother Moon smiled down upon me. Where am I headed? I trust that I will head exactly where I am to go and, regardless of what opportunities lie in front of me, that “who I am” will say/do/be and make a difference. The inner knowing IS my path. This is who I am. This is what I am to do. This is my now and my future, regardless of how this is to be expressed and shared with the world.

Oh what a glorious day and thanks to the Universe for the messages. I am so glad that I was paying attention. I am now a new “me”.

~ Debbie, The Journey Within

Journey Within

One People

I just posted a new free podcast, “one people”, on my website. I won’t repeat the message here but talking about the concept of “one people” has been sitting with me all day.

One of the signs of a disconnect from our Sacred Selves is when we judge others. I like to think of each of us as a droplet of water in a wave, each droplet doing their own thing and going in their own direction but at the same time being part of the same wave flowing in or flowing out as one.

There is something glorious about that wild wave rushing against the shore. It is so powerful, so beautiful, so brilliant as the water droplets find their way to the destination – can you see those individual droplets leaping through the air, glistening in the sunlight? Brilliant!

But, sadly, as human beings, our ego voice, in an attempt to protect our “selves” (not the “big S” Spiritual Selves), tries to keep us focused on our own individual journey of being the first, the best, the brightest or some other descriptive word. In this aim for survival and superiority comes judgment.

It is as if we take a snapshot of a single moment and can only see the other droplets in a certain state rather than seeing them on their journey in the wave. We see others as competitors, as mean, as snobs, as instigators, as [insert your own descriptor here] and we forget to see that they are on their own journeys, having experienced many things in their lives, been corrupted by their pasts, struggling to survive in their present and make the most for their future.

This disconnect from the wave breaks us into individual droplets… I feel a great sadness at this moment as I type this … we are one people, one wave. We have to start releasing the thoughts and the feelings that keep us, US, from connecting with the wave. This isn’t about the others, this is about our own individual journeys. It’s all we have control over. Right?

We, you, I, need to release the negative bonds to this disconnect. We, I, need to let go of the hatred, the judgments and all the other methods that we use that keeps us from being part of the wave that is moving forward.

I am of the wave. I am the wave. We are the wave. And I admire your brilliancy as you glisten under the sun, as you walk your journey as part of the wave.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “



I recently posted a blog at GardenTenders.com and daltzguy made a point that got me thinking…

Spirituality is not only about honouring all things as Sacred but it is remembering that we are not a vital component of the big scheme of things on this planet. Mankind has such a big ego that we think everything revolves around us. It doesn’t. When we remember our place, we recognize the Sacredness of all things – the equality of all things.

When speaking of the environmental issues, as daltzguy points out, it is not about saving the planet but saving ourselves. Reducing our carbon footprint, the 3R’s, and all of the other strategies that we are using to “save the planet” are really forms of honouring. At this point, most people who are environmentally friendly are trying to make a difference, trying to save the planet. But “spirituality” takes it beyond this. We really don’t have the power to save the planet (surprise) but what we do have the power to do is realign ourselves, intellectually and spiritually, with our place in the Universe. Our species is just one grain of sand on the beach, as they say, and Mother Nature, the Universe, is so much bigger than you and I.

We are in the house of Mother Nature. We are the guests. We need to act as such.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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I watched a documentary yesterday and a piece of Wisdom started forming in my mind. I’ve been thinking about it again this morning.

Individuality does not come from the clothes that we wear or our physical appearance. It does not come from the possessions we have or the size of our bank account. What makes each of us “me” are the gifts and talents that we have been given- the unique way of giving back, of helping others, of contributing to the Greater Good and the next seven generations and of how we honour the past and our Ancestors.

In our society if you take a close look you will find that our homes are relatively the same, the clothing is relatively the same and in people’s efforts to display their individuality they “have to” purchase the fad of the day, the same objects that everyone else is having in order to be an individual.

Looking behind the layers of the physical world, when you watch people, really watch, you can see how they interact differently, how they interpret events differently, how they problem-solve differently, how they prioritize differently and so on, and so on. These differences are clues to the true individuality – the mixture of gifts, skills and personal characteristics. These unique combinations of qualities are what give us “individuality”.

And, on the grander scale, the individuality factor is what makes the world go round. We are all here as part of a giant plan, each of us being that proverbial thread woven into the fabric of life. Regardless of how vibrant or strong our piece of thread is, if we aren’t interlaced amongst the other threads then we may look good but our “individuality” is not contributing to society as a whole.

What makes you an “individual” and how do you use these qualities to add to the betterment of our society?

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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The Little Sprout

Over the past month or so, my future has been on a little roller coaster. At first, it headed forward full tilt with plans for many different projects. As the month progressed, however, the plans all seemed to disintegrate leaving me with lots of spare time on my hands.

Yesterday, as I headed to a meeting I reminded myself to trust the Universe and to be open to the possibilities, whatever might present itself. The day was a cloudy one, with thick glorious clouds covering most of the sky. Ahead of me, however, was a fair-sized opening allowing the sunlight to light up the earth.

As I often do, I looked to the clouds for guidance. With an open mind, I looked for an image and cleared my mind for the message that would be attached to any “object” that I saw the clouds form. On this day, coming out of the line of clouds at the bottom of the open space was the faintest little puff of cloud in the shape of a bean sprout. I could clearly see the faded shape of a little plant, two little leaves and the bean seed hanging from the top of the plant.

I smiled. New beginnings.. something was sprouting in my life.. something was starting to grow. I felt an inner sense of peace, not because I was soon going to find out where my life was heading at this point in time but because I had trusted – without doubt, without impatience – and here was the sign that the Universe was doing its thing.

When I arrived at my meeting, it turned out to be canceled, however within fifteen minutes of my arrival (and I’m not exaggerating about the time) not only were plans in place for me to facilitate a parenting program but the dates were booked!

In just another fifteen minutes time I was out the door and on my way home. And again I smiled. Not only because I was going back to my roots to facilitate a parenting program but again because of the trusting. I trusted; I kept moving forward and everything came together just as it was meant to be.

Thank you Universe!
And thank-you Erin at the Welkin Centre for this opportunity to facilitate the “Divine Parenting” program.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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This Moment is Nothing

I was reading something today, (written by my favourite author Jamie Sams), that triggered an idea or opened my mind to receive a message: this moment is nothing.

When the message entered my awareness I felt my whole body react – my eyes widened, my shoulders went back and my lungs inhaled. This was a very powerful message.

The basis of this message comes from the story of “the beginning of the world” by an Ojibwe Elder (the link in on the homepage of my website). My understanding of her story goes like this:

    “In the beginning there was nothing… absolutely nothing — except the possibility. And if there was a possibility for one thing, there is a possibility for all things.”

When I received my words of Wisdom today, I realized that each moment is the beginning, the blank slate, the “nothingness”, filled with possibilities.

Each moment is filled with all that “Is”, all the Possibilities that have unfolded and are waiting for what will be. And in each moment of nothingness we are creating the possibilities.

As human beings we often fill our minds with thoughts of “what if” and “if only” or “tomorrow” or “next time” … but we don’t have to wait for some miraculous occurrence to change our lives. In this moment of nothing, that in-between breath, we can change who we are, where we are headed, what we think of ourselves, how we present ourselves, and what we are saying, thinking, and doing. We can make the Possibilities happen.

And from this moment of “nothing” … all things are possible.

~ Debbie, “The Journey Within “
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